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Multilingual SEO

We know your website should be a powerful sales tool in its own right, we combines SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services with translation for your website. These complementary services vary based on your site’s SEO maturity.Why Combine Translation and SEO for Multilingual Websites? These days, everything happens online and no industry can escape this phenomenon. Considering that 61 percent of B2B transactions start online, it’s clear that natural SEO isn’t just important for merchant sites targeting the general public.

While organic search is the main source of traffic for e-commerce sites (41 percent), this figure climbs to 64 percent for B2B sites. But that’s not to say that SEO isn’t important for merchant sites. After all, more than 80 percent of search engine users ignore paid results to focus on organic results.For any type of site, SEO translation is essential when it comes time to localize your website. To be honest, it’s a waste of time and money to translate your site if no one visits it and it doesn’t help you grow your business.

What is SEO Translation Exactly?
Now that you understand why it’s important to combine SEO and translation when localizing your website, you may be wondering what localization means exactly. Localizing consists of adapting your website to a local market. It means making content understandable from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint. Of course, localization includes translating text, as well as adapting measurements (for example, miles instead of kilometers), changing images, accounting for different regulations or standards, etc. Add to this the idea of natural SEO.

In order for your site to appear in the top results on search engines, it’s important to understand user intentions. What are they going to search for? For what purpose? This will allow you to build your content around these intentions by integrating terms people search for and optimizing key SEO elements like Title and Description tags, HN tags, image ALT text, internal links, etc. All these elements will help improve the visibility of your website on search engines. An SEO translation combines these two elements to provide you with a multilingual website that’s adapted to your target market(s).

Our SEO Translation Services to Localize Your Website

Localizing your website should enable you to reach new clients in your target countries. To make this possible, we offers two SEO approaches to meet your needs. When you’ve already done SEO work on your site and you have a list of keywords in the source language. We translate these keywords and optimized elements (Title and Description tags, URLs, image ALT text, etc.) while ensuring SEO relevance in targeted countries. We complete this verification using a precise methodology and tools like SEMrush and the Google Ads keyword planner.

When you haven’t done any SEO work on your website.

Before doing any translation, we complete a full semantic audit (analysis of your site, your competitors’ sites, user intentions, etc.) in order to create a thesaurus of keywords. Then we optimize your source content (updating HN tags, writing Title and Description tags, etc.). Following this step, we then continue with the SEO translation process, verifying the relevance in targeted countries. When you work with us for your website’s SEO translation, you can trust that your content will meet internet user expectations and search engine requirements.

Our SEO localization agency provides:
  • a dedicated team with an account manager and a project manager
  • professional translators trained in SEO to translate your content and SEO experts to complete your semantic audit
  • linguists who are experts in your industry
  • cutting edge translation software
  • more than 20 years of experience managing linguistic projects
  • systematic quality control

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