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Sworn Translation

What is an official translation? As the officialization process is not globally standardized, an official translation has a different meaning in each country. This usually means an officially accepted translation performed by a professional translator approved by the competent authority in the field in each country.

What does Sworn Translation Mean

“Tradução Pública” or “Tradução Juramentada” is how a Sworn Translation is known in Brazil. This translation is provided by a translator who has passed an examination by the state. These translators are known as “tradutores juramentados”. The official title for such translators in Brazil is “Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter,” and these individuals are approved to provide translations to one or more languages, including Portuguese.

The examination
The public translator is awarded the title and registered in the commercial registry office of the state of his/her residency after the approval by means of a public examination (known as “Concurso Público” in Brazil).

Required by many official departments
Government departments officially recognize only a sworn translation. They have value as a legal document according to Decree 13609 from 1943:
“No book, document or paper of any nature written in a foreign language will produce an effect in departments of the Government, States, and Municipalities, in any case, Courts or entities supported, licensed or oriented by the public powers, without the respective translation done in accordance to this regulation.”

Some of the requirements of a Sworn Translations
  • Opening paragraph with the translator’s identification
  • Number of the translation, of the book of translations, and the respective pages
  • Translation itself. Aside from the translated text, graphical elements such as “stamps, seals, signatures, authenticity and security elements, aside other graphic elements or features
  • Closing paragraph stating that the translation is complete and represents a faithful translation of the original document
  • Signature, name, and stamp of the translator, number of his credentials with the commercial registry of the state

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